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Hi, my name is Stephen, welcome to my new Homepage. I am from Leeds, UK. To find out where that is & learn about Leeds, use the menu on the left, also to explore & learn more about me. Check back as I add much more, as this is a work in progress.

Although I have physical disabilities now, I can still offer friendship & an understanding ear. Always looking for more pals in Leeds, & online penpals. To chat with, share thoughts, hopes dreams, maybe more.

  • Looking not to be judged, but heartened
  • To be inspired & to inspire
  • To encourage & be encouraged
  • To support & be supported

  • I also help run two groups. First, Male2Male Support & Fellowship Group. A support & social group for hetrosexual, gay & bi men. To discuss male issues, seek/give support, offer/gain advice, make friends, share experiences, etc. It is also for male carers/care givers, who are looking for support to address their needs as carers, who are looking for a place to interact with each other share experiences as caregivers, interact with other men. Second is a Bipolar & depression support group. I do not have depression or Bilpoar, I joined the group because I was wrongly diagnosed with depression. You can read more about it on the page about my disabilities/medical conditions.

    I am also a member of Dating4Disabled. It is a website for people with disabilities to make friends, find the love of their life, to chat, etc. Some of us use it to interact with other people with disabilities. You will find us on the blogs where we post & share thoughts with each other. Join us there, it is free to post in the blogs. My username there is Stephen66.

    Disabled terminology & etiquette; & do people with disabilities have unfair advantages on other people?

    How should you correctly refer to someone with disabilities? Why are some people offended by the words or terms used to describe them? What is the right way to approach & interact with someone who has a disability? Are people with disabilities scroungers, cheaters, is the entitlements & exemptions we have unfair to others? Use the links on the left to find out

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    Homepage updated: 17th September 2020
    Website updated: 17th September 2020